For Registration, the student have to fill the Admission form issued from the NCTE Authorized Training Centre (ATC).
Photo copy of all the required documents (self Attested) are to be submitted with the Admission form.
A Student Identity card (ID-Card) will be issued to all the registered students through the NCTE Authorized Training Centre (ATC)at the beginning of the course, which has to be carried along within the centre premises.


A registered student can upgrade his or her course prior giving his or her exam. For upgrading his or her course he or she has to apply for up gradation to the ATC


In case a student wishes to drop out or in case a student remains continuously absent for 60 days without information then he/she will be considered as dropout


1) Ordinarily the transfer of students from one ATC to the other will be permitted. The student has to pay the tuition fee to the next ATC from the point of transfer onwards. The previous ATC Director will have to transfer the candidate with certified fee record. The transfer certificate has to be filled by the ATC from which student is taking transfer in triplicate. One copy remains with the branch, one given to the student and one copy sent to the H.O.

2) A transfer to a specific batch/center is subject to availability of seats.

3) A student is required to provide the following at the time of transfer to a new batch:
i. Proof of original admission being provided in the form of money receipt, identity card and student invoice.
ii. Proof of the course stopover/transfer request having been duly permitted by Centre-in-charge (For batch transfer) or person concerned from head office.
4) The Centre-in-charge will decide the appropriate module at which the student will join after transfer


a) For seeking admission to NCTE, a student has to apply on the Admission Form which can be obtained on payment of a fixed amount specified from time to time.

b) On being selected for admission, the student is required to pay the admission fee for-the concerned course. A student is allowed to pay a booking fee and the balance amount of admission fee within 30 days. If the student does not pay the balance amount within 30 days, his/her admission is cancelled. The booking fee is non-refundable.

c) Students have the facility of paying their course fee in installments as specified from time to time.

d) A grace period of 10 days from the due date specified in the invoice may be granted for paying an installment. A late fine of Rs.5 per day is charged during the grace period.

e) The name of a student is automatically struck off the Student Registration and the student is not permitted to attend classes if he/she fails to pay the installment within the grace period.

f) In exceptional case, a student whose name has been struck off the Student Registration may be permitted to continue with his/her course only upon payment of an appropriate late fee as well as the balance of the course fee at the discretion of the Centre-in-charge.

g) The Head Office reserves the right to make any changes in the fee-structure from time to time. These changes shall be binding on new students only.

h) When a student books admission to a particular course and makes the down payment, he/she is issued an Invoice. The installment amount payable by the student and the due dates are mentioned in this card. A student has to sign the card when he/she receives it. A student must produce his/her invoice at the time of payments.


a) For a student who has opted to pay the course fee by the Installment Payment Facility as per the defined schedule, non-payment of any installment by the last date of payment of the same would result to the student's admission being cancelled.

b) The student is expected to maintain proper discipline and decorum within the premises of the Institute. Non-adherence to the norms can lead to a Cancellation of Registration of a student.

c) Any student being found of using unfair means during examination or contravening any of the rules of the Institute will be barred from attending any course at any center of National Council of Technical Education (NCTE)


a) Booking Fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances.

b) Admission fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances.

c) No fee is refundable if a student is deemed to have dropped out and/or has taken course stopover/transfer.

d) No fee is refundable for any upgraded admission.

e) If a Centre closes down for any reasons, fees paid by the students to the Centre will not be refunded by the Head Office. Fees paid by the students to the center will not in any circumstances carry forwarded to Head Office. In such case the students will be transferred to the next nearest branches according to the availability of seats. The students will have to produce all the invoices issued to him. A Student will have to pay the balance amount to the nearest branch after deduction of all invoices amount from the Total Course Fees. No excuses of missing invoices will be entertained at that point of time.


The examination will be held by the Authorized Training Centre according to the modules and semester pattern of the course. Students will be eligible to appear for semester-II examination only after the successful completion of semester-1.

Mark sheet /Certificate will be dispatched within 30 days of receiving Marks of the students at the H.O.

Certificate / Diploma will be awarded by NCTE only after the successful completion of the course.


The minimum qualifying marks for the Certificate, Semester Examination and Diploma Courses are 40% in each paper.

After qualifying all the exams, the students are awarded grades as per their percentage of marks obtained.
Percentage                                       Grade

> = 80%                                               A+

> = 70% to < 80%                               A

> = 50% to < 70%                               B

> = 40% to < 50%                               C

<40%                                                FAIL


The Management Reserves the Right to change the policy, rules & regulations of the organization from time to time without any prior notice.


1. NCTE Provides Duplicate issue of Certificate & Mark-Sheet to the Students who have lost their Certificate and Mark-Sheet. Candidate who wants to get Duplicate Certificate/ Mark-sheet can apply online through NCTE Website.
2. Students have to send request through Corner/Student Enquiry and Fill up Student Name , Mobile Number and Fill the Message with Student Registration Number and Certification Number and Delivery Address.
3. The Student will have to scan the G.D (General Diary) lodged with the Police Station and send it to
4. After verification of the General Diary, NCTE will instruct the Student to pay Duplicate Certificate Fees of Rs.500 online to the Account Number of NCTE Head Office.
5. Duplicate Certificate/ Mark-sheet will be issued form NCTE Head Office to the Registered Student to his/her within 30 working days.